To prepare and improvement the Master Plan/Zonal Development Plan to achieve planned development of the Development Area.
To regulate and control the Development Activity within the Development Area.Action on the Unauthorized Layouts/Constructions.
To issue Development Permissions for the buildings/layouts in accordance with rules in force.
To identify and provide infrastructure i.e., connectivity in between various local bodies where it is lacking within Development Area.
To take up Urban Forestry and to develop recreational facilities at large to cater the needs of people within Development Area.
To take up construction of Commercial Complexes and shops in the Government/Municipal/Panchayat Lands (except Layout Open Spaces) for raising revenue to run the authority and to take up Developmental Works.


The Nellore Urban Development Authority functions as per the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region & Urban Development Act, 2016.
To achieve planned development of the Development Area.
To prepare the Master Plan for the remaining area not covered by sanctioned Master Plan in the Development Area synchronizing with sanctioned Master Plan.
To provide well connectivity in between the villages and ULBs in the Development Area.
To conserve and protect Heritage Conversation and environment in the Development Area.
To protect Government Lands and lands/Sites belongs to ULBs.
To generate Revenue through Development of Government Lands/Land Pooling for Housing and Housing Plots.
To promote employment through Industrial Policies/Earmarking Industrial Zones in the Development Plans.